Eric Koh

[email protected]
+86 16628560990
Shanghai, China


Senior Front End Developer
  • - Responsible for architecting multiple projects from the ground up, seeing them through from inception to successful deployment.
  • - Leading, mentoring and providing technical guidance to a team of passionate front-end developers.
  • - Actively engaged in the design and discussion of critical features, making significant contributions to the product's evolution.
  • - Responsible for code quality and identifying improvements to workflow and operations.

* Shopping Platform(Web):
Independently crafted a React-based SPA from the ground up, seamlessly integrating Redux Observable and Bootstrap to elevate both the user interface and overall performance.
* Shopping Platform(App):
Solely engineered a cross-platform mobile application using Flutter and Riverpod, ensuring a flawless user experience and functionality across different platforms.
* Chrome Extension:
Single-handedly designed and developed a Chrome extension using VanillaJS and Vite, streamlining daily tasks and optimizing operational efficiency.
DC Asia
Full Stack Developer
  • - Developed responsive & cross browser web apps.
  • - Developed & delivered the HTML, CSS & JS architecture.
  • - Worked closely with clients from conception to completion.

* Website Builder:
Conceived and developed a website builder with Angular 2, closely resembling the functionality of, while also integrating a sophisticated rich text editor seamlessly into the platform.
* React Native App:
Single-handedly crafted a React Native mobile application for efficiently managing hardware settings, such as screen brightness and weather settings, for the Laser Egg device.
Senior Front End Developer
  • - Consulted on CSS, solving a lot of complex issues.
  • - Responsible for the RESTful API development.
  • - Implemented all the UI into resuable Angular components.

* Dashboard Portal:
Created a dashboard web application with Angular to display statistics data primarily through charts.
* RESTful API Server:
Designed and built a RESTful API server using Node.js for efficient data handling and API management.
Front End Developer
  • - Designed & built cross browser websites.
  • - Produced weekly newsletters & managed email campaigns.
  • - Developed a strong knowledge of accessibility & usability.

* Social Platform:
Focused on implementing reusable components throughout the Tradesparq site to enhance functionality and maintainability.
* Email Template:
Designed and created various email templates targeting different user segments to expand the market reach.
Software Engineer
  • - Contributor and maintainer of SSOE project.
  • - Developed semantic HTML, CSS, and JS for several projects.
  • - Improved project performance.

* SSOE Performance Enhancements:
Focused on enhancing the performance of a JSP application built with Structs and Java, solving complex issues and implementing improvements.
* Billing Report Generator:
Developed an automated system in Java for generating monthly and yearly billing reports.


React / Angular / Flutter / Chrome extension
Tailwind / Bootstrap / Webpack / Vite
Node.js / TypeScript / Go
MongoDB / Postgres